Who We Are

...a full-service event planning company specializing in kids (ages 1-120)...we can do as little or as much as you'd like...

Established in 1991 by renowned performance artist, Marla Mase, PARTYpoopers was launched out of a raw downtown-Manhattan loft in TriBeCa.
This theatrical venue was the first (and last) of its kind - with an over the top dress-up area filled with hundreds of costumes, face and body paint, boas, gloves, make-up fit for thousands of princesses, hand-crafted backdrops designed by local Tribeca artists, as well as a Haunted House 'stolen' from an off-Broadway show.

Yet, it was the performers who brought our venue to life - fusing a passion for entertaining along with a fearless commitment to making "it" happen. These clever and sophisticated actors enchanted both children and their parents, and eventually the PARTYpoopers vibe expanded out of its venue and into a full-service event planning company, and the creation of our adult division, partySWANK.com.


Marla Mase - Kids parties in NYC

Marla Mase has produced over 2,500 parties since founding PARTYpoopers in 1991. She is a playwright, performer, producer, poet and songwriter. She recently launched True Groove Records with legendary guitarist and Global Soul Pioneer, Tomás Doncker. She holds an MA from NYU in writing/performance and performs around the world. Most importantly, she is the mother to two beautiful souls.

It's Marla’s love for theatre that has made PARTYpoopers one of the premier children's party companies in NYC; it is also what gives partySWANK.com parties their dramatic flair. She has an astute eye for casting entertainers that love what they do, and therefore, excel at what they do.

The PARTYpoopers philosophy is that "a party needs to be dramatic. Not necessarily in a 'big' way; it can be subtle. Every party has its own energy, and every event is a story that we try to tell or let unfold. The parties I do are entirely about the client’s vision and the event itself, each with its own heart, mind, and individual flavor. Of course, that means, they can never be replicated." Marla believes that first and foremost parties are about "FUN." When clients are stressed, she reminds them, "It's all good. It's a PARTY!"